Yoga is one of the finest techniques to heal almost all the ailments. And the best news is, it’s free from any kind of side effect. But one thing is essential in order to get the best benefit of this method, and which is the help of an expert and a pleasant and suitable surrounding. Shiv Vilas provides you with both of them and here you will get the help of our professional Yoga trainers in perfectly tranquil environment. We ensure a peace of mind while you will be undergoing it and it will take all your stress out in a flash, with providing you with the much desired benefits.

Shiv Vilas presents you with a suitable Yoga section where you can learn and perform some of the finest techniques of Yoga under the expert guidance of our professionals. We take a full care of your comfort thus has an exclusive Yoga room where you may get benefit of it under the healing rays of sun. The on-the-terrace Yoga place will certainly provide you with the relaxing time and will enlighten your mind, soul and entire body.